Taking the Lie Out of Steiff Toys Myths

steiff lambdSteiff toys have been popular for more than a century and we don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon or ever. But even with something so famous, these pieces are no stranger to myths. Boy do humans love a good old legend!

But while folklore can be interesting, these myths about Steiff toys tantamount to and are synonymous to misconceptions. Of course we aren’t letting the day go by without correcting them because who wants lies? We don’t and we’re betting our dollars you don’t either. So we’re taking taking the lies out so we can be left with nothing but the good old truth.
dusty and musty.

Since they’ve been around for quite a while, it’s not surprising to find several old ones from our own homes. Our parents and grandparents surely had their fair share of the good old days with these toys too. But just because they were from a time other than our own doesn’t mean that they’re any less valuable. In fact, you might just be siting on a gold mine. Let’s just say that these toys are a well sought after collector’s item and they can fetch thousands of dollars a piece depending on condition, model and age.

Myth: They’re expensive.

Now you might be thinking that all there is to Steiff products are collectibles. Nope, not at all. The company still produces its regular designs, many of which are very affordable and of high quality. On some occasions they will however release limited editions which are higher up in the price range for obvious reasons.

Myth: They’re like any other toy.

Steiff products have been made using the best of materials in the industry and with a century and over’s worth of experience, the brand is far beyond any other. Their toys are unique in make, design and quality. And each of them comes with the signature trademark button in ear.

Myth: They are hard to maintain.

Not at all. It’s founder Maragaret Steiff made sure that its of utmost quality so as to make it a durable as possible. As a matter of fact, the brand’s logo reads as follows: “only the best is good enough for children”. This means that before they roll out of production, each toy undergoes a strict set of quality checks and processes to ensure their excellence. In terms of cleaning, they can beads to look spanking new with the help of a damp cloth for minor stains and some hand or machine washing for nastier dirt.