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What I Learned After I Chose to Buy Teddy Bears Online

With the dawn of the digital era, there’s so much we can do at the press of a button. The world is at our fingertips in a literal sense. But this is as bad as it is as good. With power comes great responsibility, remember? So today I’m laying down the things I learned after choosing to buy teddy bears online.

  1. It’s so convenient but also very tempting.

Because you can virtually fill up your cart and not feel financially burdened (yet), it’s easy to be overwhelmed. What many fail to realize is that its convenience is a double edged sword. It’s great because you get to skip mall queues and traffic all while decked out in your loungewear. Plus, you can purchase anywhere from wherever. Do bear in mind the word “control”. You’ll need it or your credit card will cry foul.

  1. Do practice caution all the time.

Not all shops are legit. By now, you should be aware that scam websites are abundant. There are those that deliver substandard items in contrast to what their shop says they offer. It is therefore a must to run a background check before transacting online. The internet is at our disposal so it’s also great to use it for this purpose.

  1. Choose what information to share.

When you buy teddy bears online or any item for that matter, be careful when giving out information. You’ll only need a mailing address, contact details and you name to post an order. Credit card numbers without the pin code will be needed if this payment options is chosen. Otherwise, don’t give other pertinent details such as social security numbers, driver’s license, passwords and the like. Beware of phising.

  1. Bear in mind delivery fees and taxes too.

This is a classic. Many people who buy online forget to factor in the costs of shipment and the custom fees and taxes if ordering from a different state or country. They’re an important part of the equation because at times they tend to double or triple the total costs of the purchase.

  1. Reviews and feedback are your certified besties.

As mentioned, caution and homework are important when you buy teddy bears online. Part of research should also include reviews, feedbacks and testimonials about the seller, the shop and their products. These should help you determine quality of both product and services.

More on teddy bears on this site: http://www.steiffteddybears.co.uk.

Practices that Can Ruin Your Collectible Teddy Bears

teddy-bear-storageWe all have nifty collections from the bigger beasts like cars and jewelry to the predictable shoes and bags and even to novelties like rag dolls and collectible teddy bears. There’s always something that tickles everyone’s “hoarding” tendencies.

But even the most seasoned collector can commit malpractices too and ruin their already amazing stash. Take for instance the following deeds that can ruin your collectible teddy bears.

  • Minimal to Zero Upkeep – You need to regularly inspect your stash in order to pinpoint areas that need attending too. This has to be done regularly and not once in a blue moon otherwise you might spot issues too late.
  • Shortage on Cleaning – It’s not enough to just inspect. You need to do some cleaning as well. Some pieces aren’t made for washing so dry cleaning, damp cloth or dusters are often the weapons of choice in such occasions.
  • Inadequate Storage Systems – Collectibles shouldn’t be left to pile up and take up space. They need to be carefully and neatly organized by virtue of a storage system. There are many options which can suit everyone’s tastes and budgets from open cabinets, glass-door shelving to floating vertical shelves and more.
  • Exposure to Humid Environment – These are a common culprit when it comes to the rotting of many teddy bears. When left unguarded, the moisture makes the toy damp enough to attract molds, bugs and rodents that will damage your beloved pieces. When choosing where to place your storage units, opt for areas where humidity and moisture does not build up.
  • Lack of Toy Knowledge – Each piece from your collection is unique. They have varying materials made of, manufacturers, age and condition so it’s only appropriate that you care for them uniquely and as according to their needs. Most teddy bears come with a tag bearing “care suggestions” but in their absence, you can always scour the internet for more information.
  • Stacking them Low – It’s a complete nightmare to have low shelving and storage units especially with pets and kids around. Since these toys are more for display and are oftentimes financially valuable, you must always keep them out of easy rich for children and pets otherwise they must just become the next chew toy. It won’t end well. Not at all.

You’ve been forewarned. Never commit the above crimes against your beloved collectible teddy bears!