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Steiff Teddy Bears: A Rundown on Toy Care

steiff teddy bearsLet us all acknowledge the fact that it takes effort to care for toys. It may seem as if it were but trust us, it isn’t. You wouldn’t be reading this article if it were, now would you? To most people, stuffed toys are completely fuss-free when it comes to maintenance. That or they simply don’t mind how long or short their shelf life will be. But for those who do care about their Steiff teddy bears, here is a rundown on toy care and how you can preserve that cuddly wonder to last at least one lifetime or better yet more.

What You Will Need:

  • Knowledge – It’ll be impossible to effectively take care of something that you barely know about and it’s not enough to simple be able to tell the color or material of the toy. Steiff teddy bears have been in production for over a century and counting with each decade shifting the type of materials and processes used. Having adequate knowledge about the toys including their condition and how they should be taken cared for is a necessity in itself.
  • Storage – Investing in quality and sturdy pieces will help ensure the longevity and safety of one’s teddies. They can be open or closed shelved units depending on one’s needs, space and budget.
  • Supplies – In terms of cleaning, you will need buckets of lukewarm water, mild soap with zero bleaching agents, a soft-bristled brush or sponge, a clean cloth and a handheld dryer on cool setting.
  • Time – Care and maintenance constitutes consistency. You’d need to this on the regular. That and the fact that it takes time to do.

A Few Reminders:

  • Research is crucial so don’t skimp on it. Make sure to be aware of the toy’s history too and assess its condition prior to any washing or repairing.
  • Any major damages should be taken to a professional toy repair shop. Especially for collectibles and vintage items, you might do more harm than good and there’s no going back.
  • Avoid heat at all costs. This applies both to storage and cleaning. Avoid putting your shelves in an area where there is constant exposure to heat and/or sunlight. Never sun dry, use warm water or the hot setting on a dryer as this will create the colors to fade out.
  • Say no to humidity moisture as well. They encourage the growth of molds on Steiff teddy bears and other stuffed toys which can rot the items, encourage mold growth and even start a bug infestation.

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