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Taking the Lie Out of Steiff Toys Myths

steiff lambdSteiff toys have been popular for more than a century and we don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon or ever. But even with something so famous, these pieces are no stranger to myths. Boy do humans love a good old legend!

But while folklore can be interesting, these myths about Steiff toys tantamount to and are synonymous to misconceptions. Of course we aren’t letting the day go by without correcting them because who wants lies? We don’t and we’re betting our dollars you don’t either. So we’re taking taking the lies out so we can be left with nothing but the good old truth.
dusty and musty.

Since they’ve been around for quite a while, it’s not surprising to find several old ones from our own homes. Our parents and grandparents surely had their fair share of the good old days with these toys too. But just because they were from a time other than our own doesn’t mean that they’re any less valuable. In fact, you might just be siting on a gold mine. Let’s just say that these toys are a well sought after collector’s item and they can fetch thousands of dollars a piece depending on condition, model and age.

Myth: They’re expensive.

Now you might be thinking that all there is to Steiff products are collectibles. Nope, not at all. The company still produces its regular designs, many of which are very affordable and of high quality. On some occasions they will however release limited editions which are higher up in the price range for obvious reasons.

Myth: They’re like any other toy.

Steiff products have been made using the best of materials in the industry and with a century and over’s worth of experience, the brand is far beyond any other. Their toys are unique in make, design and quality. And each of them comes with the signature trademark button in ear.

Myth: They are hard to maintain.

Not at all. It’s founder Maragaret Steiff made sure that its of utmost quality so as to make it a durable as possible. As a matter of fact, the brand’s logo reads as follows: “only the best is good enough for children”. This means that before they roll out of production, each toy undergoes a strict set of quality checks and processes to ensure their excellence. In terms of cleaning, they can beads to look spanking new with the help of a damp cloth for minor stains and some hand or machine washing for nastier dirt.

Steiff Teddy Bears as More Than Just Toys

steiffSteiff teddy bears are renowned as the very first of its kind. 1902 was the year the world saw the first of these cuddly wonders and they’ve charmed the hearts of young and old alike ever since. But what has kept these toys at the top of the realm for more than a century and counting has something to do with being more. They’re beyond your average toy. How?

  • They’re educational. Believe it or not, Steiff teddy bears nurture learning in kids even as early as toddlers. Their colors, texture, and sound (musical bears) introduce the sense of vision, touch and sound to the little ones. Playtime helps them develop their motor skills in the process. Additionally, they are a tool in role playing which is crucial as humans learn through imitation especially in our early years. Parents often use them to act out sceneries, tell stories or pattern movement.
  • They nourish imagination and creativity. Steiff teddy bears have been a tried and tested tool in this aspect. They encourage role play and the creation of stories. This aids in better brain activity and in improving a person’s innovation as they grow up which is a very important skill to have in life both as a kid or an adult, in school or the office.
  • They provide comfort. These toys are also a tool used to help ease negative feelings, emotions and experiences not just in kids but also in adults. When a child gets sick, scratches their knee, gets a bad stomach or feel bad for some reason, teddies prove to be a potent tool to help provide comfort and ease. A hug from them also makes us feel great because the act itself releases feel good hormones in the brain. Moreover, the toys are a great instrument utilized to release the stresses of emotional anxiety brought about by unlikely situations. In fact, doctors and therapists often use them in treatments.
  • They’re nostalgic. Steiff teddy bears are classic and chances are we’ve owned at least one in our lifetime. They’re no longer just a toy for us. They become important mementos and memorabilia which help us look back at fond memories and where possible, pass them on to loved ones as a heirloom of sorts. This way what we used to refer to as toys now becomes important life treasures.

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Steiff Teddy Bears: A Rundown on Toy Care

steiff teddy bearsLet us all acknowledge the fact that it takes effort to care for toys. It may seem as if it were but trust us, it isn’t. You wouldn’t be reading this article if it were, now would you? To most people, stuffed toys are completely fuss-free when it comes to maintenance. That or they simply don’t mind how long or short their shelf life will be. But for those who do care about their Steiff teddy bears, here is a rundown on toy care and how you can preserve that cuddly wonder to last at least one lifetime or better yet more.

What You Will Need:

  • Knowledge – It’ll be impossible to effectively take care of something that you barely know about and it’s not enough to simple be able to tell the color or material of the toy. Steiff teddy bears have been in production for over a century and counting with each decade shifting the type of materials and processes used. Having adequate knowledge about the toys including their condition and how they should be taken cared for is a necessity in itself.
  • Storage – Investing in quality and sturdy pieces will help ensure the longevity and safety of one’s teddies. They can be open or closed shelved units depending on one’s needs, space and budget.
  • Supplies – In terms of cleaning, you will need buckets of lukewarm water, mild soap with zero bleaching agents, a soft-bristled brush or sponge, a clean cloth and a handheld dryer on cool setting.
  • Time – Care and maintenance constitutes consistency. You’d need to this on the regular. That and the fact that it takes time to do.

A Few Reminders:

  • Research is crucial so don’t skimp on it. Make sure to be aware of the toy’s history too and assess its condition prior to any washing or repairing.
  • Any major damages should be taken to a professional toy repair shop. Especially for collectibles and vintage items, you might do more harm than good and there’s no going back.
  • Avoid heat at all costs. This applies both to storage and cleaning. Avoid putting your shelves in an area where there is constant exposure to heat and/or sunlight. Never sun dry, use warm water or the hot setting on a dryer as this will create the colors to fade out.
  • Say no to humidity moisture as well. They encourage the growth of molds on Steiff teddy bears and other stuffed toys which can rot the items, encourage mold growth and even start a bug infestation.

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Do’s and Don’ts to Starting a Steiff Bears Collection

steiff vanillaTo start simply means to begin doing something and the saying that “it’s never too late to begin” is something many have proven time and again. More than what most people would come to acknowledge, we tend to start a lot of things without realizing it from pressing errands to trivial tasks to making breakfast to driving a car to amassing a collection. Steiff bears, for example.

Steiff bears have written themselves in history. Considered as the pioneer of stuffed animal toys, the German manufacturer’s beginnings started off as a happy accident more than a century ago. But we’re not here to take a trip down memory lane. This article is dedicated to anyone out there who is starting to or is planning to build their collection.


  • Know what you want. With over a century’s worth of designs and models, there are a lot of Steiff bears to choose from. There are the regular models or the so-called mass produced variants that are easy to spot. If you want to take your collection up a notch then perhaps vintage and limited edition items are what you seek. Regardless, it is crucial to identify which ones you like so it becomes easier to search for them online and offline.
  • Be armed with knowledge. These toys are more than the ordinary. To be able to take care of them let alone identify real from fake, knowledge becomes a very important armor in one’s arsenal. Research, read and ask.
  • Invest in quality storage. Managing a collection will always require some sort of system when it comes to organization. There are many storage options available, each one depending on the size of one’s stash, the dimensions of each item, the space available and also one’s budget.


  • Overlook maintenance needs. They may be toys per se but they too need all the TLC they can get. Regular cleaning has to be done to prevent dirt from accumulating. Inspection too since this helps detect any issues early on and even prevents them from ever occurring.
  • Wash them mindlessly. Unlike regular toys, Steiff bears especially those labeled as collectibles cannot just be thrown into the wash. Depending on their condition, age and material, you may have to use specific care products or even bring them to a specialty toy repair shop.

Characteristics of People Who Love Steiff Bears

lovesteiffbearPeople who love Steiff bear come in numbers. At first, it may seem that there aren’t a lot of them but if one looks closely, there’s bound to be a number even within one’s own circle.

These toy aficionados come in all shapes and sizes, race and gender but they all have common denominators. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. They’re sentimental. – Collecting toys is a hobby that often starts young. While some people grow up and move on from their stuffed animals, these individuals on the other hand have their adoration fueled. By what exactly? Memories. For them, toys symbolize memories be it theirs or someone else’s. They attach feelings to the items making them something more than just your average toy.
  2. They love to reminisce. – Because the toys symbolize a feeling and a memory, collectors are people who like to reminisce and take trips down memory lane. It may seem too dreamy and idealistic but this trait enables them to treasure experiences more.
  3. They like history. – There are also those who love a good story especially if they are those that come with tales of love or adventure or even royalty. A lot of collectible teddy bears have surpassed decades with some surviving wars or sea voyages. Others were even previously owned by prominent people from history like monarchs or soldiers.
  4. They’re investors. – By investor, we mean two things. The first refers to investment in feelings. As mentioned, these toys can bear a feeling, an emotion, an experience or a tale thus becoming a sentimental piece. At the same time, collectibles make for great investments in terms of money. There are a number of teddy bears that fetch thousands of dollars in auctions and shops all over the globe whether they’re vintage pieces or limited edition releases. In fact, the world’s most expensive collectible bear fetched a whopping $2.1 million in a Monaco auction back in 2000, a record that has not been broke as of this writing.
  5. They’re great at taking care of things. – Steiff bears are not easy to take care of especially the vintage ones. They will require careful and regular maintenance and even special storage. Cleaning them isn’t easy too especially because a lot of them can be sensitive given the passage of time or that they are made of precious materials like fine silk, rare mohair or precious stones and metals.

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The Steiff Limited Edition Legacy

steiff-limited-editionThe German brand Steiff has come a long way. So long that the company has in fact celebrated over a century of providing smiles and happiness by virtue of their stuffed animals. They have released quite a number of these cuddly wonders over the years ranging from simple, whimsical and even Steiff limited edition bears. Today, we shall drive down memory lane and find out how Steiff came to be the powerhouse we know of.

Named after its founder Margarete Steiff, the brand was born in Germany and quite accidentally too. Maragrete contacted polio as a child rendering her bound to a wheelchair. Despite the said predicament, she pursued her talents and passions; sewing to be exact.

She first enrolled in a sewing and dressmaking class despite her father’s oppositions. He didn’t want her having to work on such a physical task and thought the industry to be too hard for her but eventually he gave in after her many pleas.

After completing the class, Margarete later joined her sisters Marie and Pauline open a shop. She loved the job so much that she continued with it after her sisters left to pursue their family and married lives. This was the time when her father converted part of their family home and turned it into her workshop.

On the 8th of December in 1879, she came across a magazine called the “Elefäntle” where a pattern for a small elephant made of fabric was featured. This inspired her to design pin cushion in the shape of the said animal. They sold well but instead of being a sewing tool, it became popular among children as toys.

Around 1880, Margarete and her family have sold huge numbers of the elefäntle. At one time her brother Fitz sold so many of these at the Heidenheim market. By 1886, they’ve sold over five thousand of these toys and also began designing other stuffed animals.

It was only in 1902 when the Steiff brand came across the much celebrated teddy bear. Maragrete’s nephew Richard made various sketches of animals which later on became the basis of many of the brand’s models. He was also known to have a particular penchant for bears that he designed the “Bear 55 PB”, the very first known teddy bear in the world that featured jointed arms and legs and plush mohair.

Since then, the Steiff brand has taken the world by storm and many of Steiff limited edition bears are heavily sought after all over the globe. Visit http://www.steiffteddybears.co.uk.

Steiff Bears Through the Years

Steiff limited edition bearSteiff bears are no doubt considered a classic in the realm of the toy kingdom. Not only are they emblazoned with so much history but they too are full on adorable and cuddly to perfection. A lot of limited editions have also been released making these stuffed animals one of the most sought after by toy collectors worldwide. If you’re curious how these Steiff bears came into existence, you better read on and walk through memory lane with us.

It all began in July 24, 1847 when the company’s founder, Margerete, was born to the Steiff family in the town of Giengen in Germany. It was in 1849 when she was a year and a half old when Margarete caught a severely high fever. What was a seemingly common fever was then the start of the young girl’s challenge through life. Later on both of her legs became paralyzed and she was set to live on a wheelchair after having been diagnosed with polio three years after that fateful night. At the time, medical research and facilities have not been as developed yet.

The said setback did not hinder young Margarete from doing things that most of her normal peers do. She went to school like everyone else and even enrolled in a sewing class. Her father did not give his consent at first given her condition but agreed after seeing her passion for it. It was at age seventeen when Margarete completed her seamstress training.

Her first career take was in 1862. Her elder sisters opened a small dressmaker’s shop where she worked as a part time seamstress. Years later, her sisters got married and had lives of their own. Margarete continued the business and in 1874 decided to convert the family home into her very own dressmaking workroom and saved up to buy her first sewing machine.

She did not begin sewing plush animals not until the release of the Modenwelt magazine on December 8, 1879 where a photo of a fabric elephant was printed. She got so fascinated by it that she decided to make a pincushion in the likes of it. She later called it the Elefantle. She sold them quite easily but observed that instead of using them as pin cushions, kids preferred to play with them. An idea crept through her mind and this was where the Steiff toy company was born.

A year later, Margarete was already able to sell five thousand Elefantles with the help of her brother Fritz. Soon after, they began making toys in the likes of cats, dogs, donkeys, giraffes, horses, mice, pigs and rabbits. By 1890, the ‘Filz-Spielwaren-Fabrik’ which translates to ‘Felt toy manufacturing facility’ was built.

Steiff bears only came into existence in 1902 after Margarete’s nephew Richard introduced the idea. He had a certain fondness for bears that he made one complete with jointed limbs, claws and mohair plush. It was the very first of its kind that it caught the eye of an American businessman who ordered three thousand pieces which he brought to the USA. The rest as we say is history.

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