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Characteristics of People Who Love Steiff Bears

lovesteiffbearPeople who love Steiff bear come in numbers. At first, it may seem that there aren’t a lot of them but if one looks closely, there’s bound to be a number even within one’s own circle.

These toy aficionados come in all shapes and sizes, race and gender but they all have common denominators. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. They’re sentimental. – Collecting toys is a hobby that often starts young. While some people grow up and move on from their stuffed animals, these individuals on the other hand have their adoration fueled. By what exactly? Memories. For them, toys symbolize memories be it theirs or someone else’s. They attach feelings to the items making them something more than just your average toy.
  2. They love to reminisce. – Because the toys symbolize a feeling and a memory, collectors are people who like to reminisce and take trips down memory lane. It may seem too dreamy and idealistic but this trait enables them to treasure experiences more.
  3. They like history. – There are also those who love a good story especially if they are those that come with tales of love or adventure or even royalty. A lot of collectible teddy bears have surpassed decades with some surviving wars or sea voyages. Others were even previously owned by prominent people from history like monarchs or soldiers.
  4. They’re investors. – By investor, we mean two things. The first refers to investment in feelings. As mentioned, these toys can bear a feeling, an emotion, an experience or a tale thus becoming a sentimental piece. At the same time, collectibles make for great investments in terms of money. There are a number of teddy bears that fetch thousands of dollars in auctions and shops all over the globe whether they’re vintage pieces or limited edition releases. In fact, the world’s most expensive collectible bear fetched a whopping $2.1 million in a Monaco auction back in 2000, a record that has not been broke as of this writing.
  5. They’re great at taking care of things. – Steiff bears are not easy to take care of especially the vintage ones. They will require careful and regular maintenance and even special storage. Cleaning them isn’t easy too especially because a lot of them can be sensitive given the passage of time or that they are made of precious materials like fine silk, rare mohair or precious stones and metals.

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