Steiff Teddy Bears as More Than Just Toys

steiffSteiff teddy bears are renowned as the very first of its kind. 1902 was the year the world saw the first of these cuddly wonders and they’ve charmed the hearts of young and old alike ever since. But what has kept these toys at the top of the realm for more than a century and counting has something to do with being more. They’re beyond your average toy. How?

  • They’re educational. Believe it or not, Steiff teddy bears nurture learning in kids even as early as toddlers. Their colors, texture, and sound (musical bears) introduce the sense of vision, touch and sound to the little ones. Playtime helps them develop their motor skills in the process. Additionally, they are a tool in role playing which is crucial as humans learn through imitation especially in our early years. Parents often use them to act out sceneries, tell stories or pattern movement.
  • They nourish imagination and creativity. Steiff teddy bears have been a tried and tested tool in this aspect. They encourage role play and the creation of stories. This aids in better brain activity and in improving a person’s innovation as they grow up which is a very important skill to have in life both as a kid or an adult, in school or the office.
  • They provide comfort. These toys are also a tool used to help ease negative feelings, emotions and experiences not just in kids but also in adults. When a child gets sick, scratches their knee, gets a bad stomach or feel bad for some reason, teddies prove to be a potent tool to help provide comfort and ease. A hug from them also makes us feel great because the act itself releases feel good hormones in the brain. Moreover, the toys are a great instrument utilized to release the stresses of emotional anxiety brought about by unlikely situations. In fact, doctors and therapists often use them in treatments.
  • They’re nostalgic. Steiff teddy bears are classic and chances are we’ve owned at least one in our lifetime. They’re no longer just a toy for us. They become important mementos and memorabilia which help us look back at fond memories and where possible, pass them on to loved ones as a heirloom of sorts. This way what we used to refer to as toys now becomes important life treasures.

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