Do’s and Don’ts to Starting a Steiff Bears Collection

steiff vanillaTo start simply means to begin doing something and the saying that “it’s never too late to begin” is something many have proven time and again. More than what most people would come to acknowledge, we tend to start a lot of things without realizing it from pressing errands to trivial tasks to making breakfast to driving a car to amassing a collection. Steiff bears, for example.

Steiff bears have written themselves in history. Considered as the pioneer of stuffed animal toys, the German manufacturer’s beginnings started off as a happy accident more than a century ago. But we’re not here to take a trip down memory lane. This article is dedicated to anyone out there who is starting to or is planning to build their collection.


  • Know what you want. With over a century’s worth of designs and models, there are a lot of Steiff bears to choose from. There are the regular models or the so-called mass produced variants that are easy to spot. If you want to take your collection up a notch then perhaps vintage and limited edition items are what you seek. Regardless, it is crucial to identify which ones you like so it becomes easier to search for them online and offline.
  • Be armed with knowledge. These toys are more than the ordinary. To be able to take care of them let alone identify real from fake, knowledge becomes a very important armor in one’s arsenal. Research, read and ask.
  • Invest in quality storage. Managing a collection will always require some sort of system when it comes to organization. There are many storage options available, each one depending on the size of one’s stash, the dimensions of each item, the space available and also one’s budget.


  • Overlook maintenance needs. They may be toys per se but they too need all the TLC they can get. Regular cleaning has to be done to prevent dirt from accumulating. Inspection too since this helps detect any issues early on and even prevents them from ever occurring.
  • Wash them mindlessly. Unlike regular toys, Steiff bears especially those labeled as collectibles cannot just be thrown into the wash. Depending on their condition, age and material, you may have to use specific care products or even bring them to a specialty toy repair shop.