Crimes You Likely Commit When Storing Steiff Bears

storage for bearsSteiff bears have been around for so long. The brand itself is older than most of us with a history dating back to the late 1980s. It’s lavish history decked with unparalleled quality made it one of the most iconic in the toy industry.

But despite its popularity, people still commit crimes against it. Despite its durability and topnotch quality, these toys are no immortal. They’re not indestructible after all. For them to last, we need to take part when it comes to care and  maintenance.

That said, make sure you avoid the following crimes that you are likely to common against these beloved Steiff bears.

  1. Exposure to Heat and Humidity

Stuffed toys don’t bid well with heat and humidity. The former dulls color and can damage certain parts or accessories making them fall off and loosening their adhesive. The latter calls for moisture which in turn leads to the development of molds that eventually rots the toy. This also attracts bugs and rodents. Make sure to store them in places that keep them away from such elements.

  1. Lack of, Absence and Improper Cleaning

Steiff bears need to be cleaned regularly to keep them in shape. How often depends on the toy and the circumstances at hand such as the tendency of certain areas to accumulate dirt faster than others. Improper washing is also bad because it poses risk to damage. For instance, never wash them with warm or hot water. Never dry them under the heat of the sun or a heated dryer. Avoid bleach products at all costs and only use mild detergent. If you choose to machine wash, place the toy in a mesh bag or pillow case first to protect it. This prevents any buttons or accessories that may have loosened up to fall off and get stuck on the machine.

  1. Poor Storage System

When it comes to Steiff bears or any stuffed toy in general, storage is crucial when we talk maintenance and upkeep. There are many available storage and display solutions to choose from and one can adjust and pick depending on one’s needs. Open shelving, bookshelves, glass door cabinets and the like are popular choices that allow storage and display altogether. Toy chests are a good option too when the items are more for play as is the case with kids. Investing in storage not only minimizes dirt but also keeps the toys away from harm’s way, pets for example.