steiff-light-brown-bearEveryone loves stuffed animals and toys. You do and we do too. Regardless of age and gender, a lot if not most of us have an inclination towards them. They have irresistible charm and all around cuddliness. They are more than eye candy. They are downright huggable and they oftentimes accompany us in our childhood adventures, teenage sorrows and even in adult moments. Would you agree?

Here at Lens RC Toys Ltd we pride in our team who not only has a huge heart for stuffed toys but also has a cargo load of skills and expertise about them. We will help you learn the art of shopping for particular pieces, models and even brands. We shall introduce you to the obvious down to the quirky and unexpected places to buy such toys. We’ll even lecture you and hand in pointers in the proper care, cleaning and maintenance of your stuffed animals. Collectible and vintage pieces? We have tricks up our sleeves about them too! Do it yourself projects and crafts as toy accessories? Yes, that as well. We’ll even happily go on a story telling adventure with you so that you can get to know your favorite toy brands.

If there’s something about stuffed animals and toys that you need to know, Lens RC Toys Ltd is the team to beat!