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Care Tips and Reminders for Stuffed Animals

steiff careWe’ve all had some stuffed animals growing up and to most of us they’ve been our best of friends. But even as adults aka kids at heart, these cuddy wonders still mean a lot. Apart from being roundabout huggable, they can be sentimental too. And we’d bet our last dollar that we all want them to last at least an entire lifetime. I mean how cool would it be to pass them down to your kids, right?

In order to do that, we need to take care of our stuffed animals. Don’t worry. It’s not rocket science and we are here to tell you exactly how. Read on to find out.

Read the fine print. They say knowledge is power and for good reason. One way to really take care of toys is to know what should and should not be done with them. Their fabric tags often come with care instructions and/or materials used in its manufacture. This should give you enough idea as to how to clean and take care of it so make sure that you read it.

Wipe off that spill. The earlier we treat a problem, the faster we get to solve it. The same holds true for stuffed animals. Any spillage be it food, drinks or any dirt of some sort will likely stain it. Small spills can easily be fixed using a damp cloth but if it’s bigger than that you’re going to have to wash it entirely.

Wash them clean. As mentioned, massive spills will necessitate immediate washing. But regular cleaning is also necessary in terms of toy care and maintenance. Schedule one at least twice a year or more depending on how often these items are played with. If you’re dealing with kids then it’s going to be every few weeks to at least once per month.

Avoid the heat. When washing, drying and storing, avoid heat at all costs because it tends to dull the colors off from the toy. Use lukewarm water with mild soap, the cool setting on the dryer and never dry them under the sun. Place them in areas where there is no direct exposure to the sun or any sources of heat.

Stay out of humidity. Like heat, humidity is a killer. Keep your stuffed toys away from it and make sure to store it in a place that does not pack moisture. This is because humidity can rot the toy and even encourage the growth of molds and yeast as well as a bug infestation.